12 accused put under the radar in connection to the sandalwood drug racket

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The Central Crime Branch of Bengaluru has put several influential people under the radar in an attempt to bust the drug menace of the sandalwood industry. Bengaluru is rising in terms of usage of synthetic drugs according to reports and recent raids by Narcotics Control Bureau. A huge drug cartel has paved its way into the sandalwood industry in which the CCB suspects many influential actors and children of big business tycoons are involved.

Last month Narcotics Control Bureau arrested several paddlers in Bengaluru city after getting several leads. Amongst the arrested was Ravi Shankar, a prominent drug peddler. Through his phone contacts, the NCB established his connections to various high profile people including actors, businessmen and others.

On Friday, following the arrest of Ravi, CCB arrested prominent Kannada actress Ragini Dwivedi based on text messages between her and Ravi. She was brought to CCB headquarters where after several hours of questioning she was booked under NDPS (Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances) Act. During the investigation, Ragini confessed about consuming MDMA tablets given to her by Ravi Shankar but denied being involved in the sale of any kind.

The assistant police commissioner of CCB, Gautam Kumar has registered a case in the Cottonpet police station under NDPS act against 12 people including actress Ragini and Aditya Alva, son of late former minister Jeevaraj Alva. Veeren Khanna, another accused in the involvement of drug cartel was known to have conducted various rave parties in Karnataka, Delhi and Goa that all the accused are said to have been part of.

Aditya Alva, who is also the brother-in-law of Vivek Oberoi has been accused of his involvement in organising and attending these rave parties which were attended by various influential people from different industries. Even Vivek Oberoi is said to be questioned soon in regard to the case and extent of his involvement in it after a revelation that the actor attended one such rave party organised in Sri Lanka.

After the CCB busted the drug racket, film director Indrajit Lankesh made some explosive statements and volunteered to expose celebrities.

In the complaint filed by Gautam, assistant police commissioner of CCB, it is said that All the accused were organising parties at various places of the city and used to supply drugs through drug peddlers to actors, actresses, DJs, techies and other eminent personalities of society. In this way, they used to illegally amass a lot of wealth.

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