30 policeman killed in suicide attack on army camp in Afghanistan

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A devastating suicide car bombing on a military camp has led to the killing of at least 30 policemen in Afghanistan. In an attack that rocked the Ghazni province on Sunday morning, it is believed that a further 20 are being treated for injuries.

According to local media reports, the attack took place on the Eastern side of Ghazni near which connects the neighboring Dik Yah district to Ghazni City. It is believed that at 7:37 am a suicide bomber detonated his vehicle after he drove a car filled with explosives into the army camp. The attacker was immediately killed in the bombing.

Due to the early morning blast, the city’s skies were filled with thick smoke and caused panic in surrounding areas especially in Qala-E-Joz which is an area on the outskirts of the city. Wahadullah Jumazada, spokesperson of the local government confirmed the attacks in a statement to Xinhua news agency. He was quoted saying “The targeted camp (in Ghazni city) which belongs to the Public Protection Police Forces came under attack Sunday morning. The police officers manning the facility responded to attackers,”

Director of Ghazni hospital Baz Mohammed Hemat told AFP news “local government spokesman Wahadullah Jumazada told Xinhua news agency.” No group has so far taken responsibility for the attack however local officials suspect Taliban Militants as the area has been an epicenter of regular clashes between the government and Taliban.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident in the Southern Afghanistan town of Zubai, the envoy of the provincial chief was the target of a suicide car bomber. The attack is believed to have killed at least three and left another 12 with injuries. However, provincial chief Attajan Haqbayat survived the attack with some minor injuries.

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