36 people suffer with “Pellet Injuries” in Kashmir Valley

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As Kashmir faces a disastrous upheaval, people witness patients suffering from pallet injuries. Since August 5, total of 36 people have been diagnosed with this injury. Jammu and Kashmir governor Satyapal Malik agrees that the security personnel did use Pellet guns in order to stop the unrest in the district.

However, according to the governor, the utmost precautions to prevent the injuries were taken. He talks about the injuries with the officials, stating that, “it’s an achievement as no civilian casualty has been reported by far. Most of the injuries are below waist except for one, which got hit in the neck. But he’s also out of danger now.”After the removal of Article 370, severe restrictions were imposed on the people of Kashmir Valley. It also included the blockage in communication, which caused major unrest in the district. Hence as a repercussion, stone throwing incidents have also been reported. 

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