AAP launches campaign in Pune on ‘Kejriwal model of development’

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Pune: The Aam Admi Party (AAP) launched a campaign to introduce the ‘Kejriwal model’ of development in Pune. It promises people to bring development in every household. The campaign drives will continue till March 23 this year.
After Arvind Kejriwal’s magnanimous win in the Delhi elections, AAP launched this nation-wide campaign throughout India on February 11.
Mukund Kirdat, AAP leader while speaking about the campaign’s strengths said, ” Under this campaign, comparisons will be drawn between the Kejriwal model of Delhi and the Maharashtra model so that people can understand the change and transformation that has been brought in the lives of the people of Delhi.” 
He referred to such a change that has happened due to the ‘politics of work’.The party also came out with a mobile number to give a miss call on at the launch for people to show their support.
Kirdat said that the campaign has already received support from 16 lakh people who gave a missed call. To him, the reason for such a huge number is Delhi’s development in schools, hospitals, water, electrical and addressal of women’s safety. He added that in Maharashtra, each household will be made aware of Delhi’s development by the AAP government. Further, in the press release Kirdat mentioned that many other states have started replicating Delhi’s education model and Mohall clinics. He highlighted how governments are adopting Kejriwal’s model as people are disgusted with the politics of caste and religion.
The campaign was also launched in West Bengal with the same objective to aware people. Pune has started witnessing a volunteer registration drive across the city.

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