All MSRTC buses will soon display mobile numbers of officials

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All MSRTC buses will soon display mobile numbers of officials, following the order of the transport body. This step is taken to let the passengers report about rash driving and other problems instantly during the trip.

Sources from the transport said that previously, the MSRTC buses earlier displayed landline numbers of the depot manager from where the bus had started and contained the numbers of the stand’s manager. The current measure is considered a much better step than the previous one. The current measure asks the buses to display both the mobile and landline numbers. When only landline numbers were present, many passengers often complained that their calls went unanswered or the person who picked the call was not in the position to take action. It was also observed that most of the time, the designated official was not in his/her seat. Calls were picked by lower officers who were unable to comprehend what the passengers were saying. Thus to tackle this issue, the mobile numbers will be displayed. The passengers now have a way to directly reach senior officials.

The state transport minister, Anil Parab confirmed that mobile numbers of seniors officials must be displayed and having landline numbers isn’t really helpful. He said he has asked MSRTC to immediately implement the measure.

Yamini Joshi, division controller of Pune MSRTC states that the orders come from the headquarters. She added that passengers who require help can now directly contact the MSRTC officials who will provide immediate assistance.

Nishant Ingle, a frequent MSRTC passenger stated that he finds the new rule to be an improvement but doubts if an official will answer calls from unknown numbers on his mobile. Another frequent passenger said that it all comes down to how a senior official will react to a call about bus breakdown at late hours.

All MSRTC buses will soon display mobile numbers of officials”Senior officials have been instructed to answer calls. We do not claim everything will be perfect as the system will take a little time to adapt and evolve after implementations. Also, the driver will always be in touch with the depot head”, said one of the MSRTC officials.

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