Amazon says nearly 20,000 employees tested positive for COVID-19

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Amazon on 1st Oct 2020 said that over 19,800 of its frontline US
employees have tested positive due to COVID 19 over a period of six
months, a disclosure that was followed by criticism from lawmakers
that the world’s largest e-commerce retailer failed to maintain
adequate transparency.

Amazon has repeatedly resisted from sharing comprehensive data with
the public and even within its own workers about the total figure of
confirmed COVID 19 cases, which has now become the most widely used
platform for multiple households during this pandemic. Despite there
being numerous cases within its warehouses within the country and even
around the world, Amazon has always downplayed the significance of
aggregate data, making it difficult to gather information on overall
infections at its sites.

The company, in a blog post, said, “thorough analysis of data on all
1,372,000 Amazon and Whole Foods Market front-line employees across
the US employed at any time from March 1 to September 19, 2020.”

Amazon also released a state-by-state breakdown of cases in which its
overall case infections were less than the population as a whole,
except for Minnesota and Virginia.

This data of coronavirus infections has been released just as Amazon
gears up for its annual Prime Day Sales event on 13th and 14th Oct
2020, a busy period for the employees in order to meet the delivery
requirements. The company announced its plans to hire additional
100,000 employees across its platforms last month. Back in March, it
hired about 100,000 employees within weeks to meet the increasing
demands of the customers during the beginning of the lockdown while
also announcing its plans to hire an additional 75,000 employees in

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