Amid China tensions, ‘Beca’ deal signed by India and USA to deepen its military ties

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Recently, India and the United States signed the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA) which will help in Geo-Spatial (the word geo-spatial indicates data comprising geographical component) cooperation. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, while briefing the media mentioned that the pact signed, is a “significant” step by the countries. Further, he said the two countries reconfirmed the assurance of the two countries for maintaining peace and security in the Indo-Pacific Region.

The pact, which was represented by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Secretary of Defence Mark T Esper from the United States and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar from India, highlights strengthening of military ties between the two countries at a time when there has been stand off in the Line of Actual Control between India and China.

A person in close association with the matter told Mint that this move will help India to have access to information which are crucial and thus, result in having an implementation in any sort of military conflict if the need arises.

The deal will help India to access several ranges of nautical data (that comprises hydrographic data), aeronautical data (data related to the aviation sector) and also topographical data (data related to surface of the earth). These data will not only help in mapping the hostile movement of the enemy but also give real time information about the position of the enemy which will be accessed from the United States military satellite if the need arises during any supposed conflict in the border.

The pact was signed by the countries after India and USA held the 2+2 talks for the third time. The reason as to why the talks are referred to as 2=2 talks is because from each country, two appointed ministers meet to have a discussion about important issues which are of strategic importance and also security interests.

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