Apple granted restraining order against Tim Cook’s stalker, Rakesh Sharma

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Apple was granted a restraining order against a man who allegedly stalked and threatened CEO Tim Cook since September 2019. The stalker named Rakesh “Rocky” Sharma has also pressurized other Apple employees for a cash settlement.

According to the court filings, Apple’s Global Security Specialist William Burns said Sharma left disturbing voicemails to the Apple executive in September. 

On December 4, 2019, at approximately 10:30, a strange incident took place. Sharma landed up on Tim Cook’s house through the closed gate, without any permission. He further “attempted” to deliver flowers and a bottle of champagne to Cook. 

A tweet by Dave Gershgorn, senior writer for OneZero says that “Apple CEO Tim Cook has a stalker who has gotten onto his property twice and won’t stop contacting him/other Apple employees, per court filings and testimony.”

On January 15 this year around 9:00 pm, 42-year-old Sharma made another attempt to enter Cook’s house without any permission. He rang the doorbell but soon fled the scene after the police were called. 

The court filings reveal that the stalker tagged Cook in multiple posts on Twitter which contained “sexualized and inappropriate” photos of Sharma. When CNET contacted Sharma, he claimed that it is all a misunderstanding.

The restraining order against Sharma expires on March 3, 2020. A court hearing is also scheduled for this day. 

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