Apple units shift from China to India during the pandemic

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Ravi Shankar Prasad the union IT and communications minister said that Apple has come to India in a big way. In the 23rd Tech Summit inaugural session in Bengaluru Union Minister declared the news. The summit was held virtually on Thursday to prevent the risk of Coronavirus in this pandemic.

Shankar in the summit said “ Nine apple units and component makers shifted from China to India during this pandemic.” He added by saying “ the manufacturing world of technology had been looking for alternatives for a long time. The success of accelerated mobile manufacturing, the idea of product linked incentive came in.”

Shankar had previously said that companies like Rising star, Samsung, Wistron, Foxconn and Pegatron were joining in the product linked incentive.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the 23rd edition of the Tech summit in Bengaluru said “ the Pandemic has shown the world the power of Indians technology and the way Indians have worked tirelessly towards it while adapting to the new change towards technology.”

He added by saying “ the travel restrictions and the work from home showed the strength of the IT sector. It helped people in doing uninterrupted work. The technological learning and adaptation of Indians is here to stay for a long time.”

“Challenges always bring out the best in people. It is the same case for the IT sector of India. The demand of customers and deadlines have brought in the best solution for the Indian techies with their innovative minds.”

The shifting in of the units will be highly beneficial for the people of the country. It would help in bringing in more employment and would even showcase the technological advancement of the country. 

Image Source: The News Minute