Assam government to convert state-funded madrassas and Sanskrit “tols” into schools

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The minister said that teaching “Quran” at the cost of govt money cannot be allowed. There will be provisions made for other religious and community-based education as well. To implement the same the govt last week decided to shut all madrasas and convert them into proper schools, as the 148 teachers are transferred to schools. As far as 614 govt and 900 private owned madrasas run in Assam at present along with 100 govt and 500 private Sanskrit “tols”.

Himanta Biswa Sarma backed the statement by providing a logical argument of creating a system of uniformity. “In my opinion, teaching ‘Quran’ cannot happen at the cost of government money, if we have to do so then we should also teach both the Bible and Bhagavad Gita” he added.

The minister pointed out the problem of equivalent degree provision. He explained that the degrees provided by these madrassas are considered equivalent to any higher or higher secondary degree by the Government of Assam. Many students opt for a madrassa degree and compete against the students who have earned the recognition after hard work. This is impacting the job market adversely. He said that knowledge about Sufism is already provided in our education system, therefore there is no need for separate Islamic educational institution.

In order to address the problem of both the students and the govt funding, Assam govt is planning to shut down these institutions and establish a concrete foundation of learning. The govt had initiated the plan 2 years back to cut down govt allowance in these schools. The Minister had earlier also said that the state government will fight against any marriage which has been solemnised on the basis of fake   identity/forgery.

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