Aviation outlook worse than anticipated – Airbus executive

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The future of the aviation industry looks even more bleak due to rising coronavirus infections and renewed travel restrictions, Airbus chief operating officer Michael Schoellhorn said on Saturday.

With air travel functioning at a fraction of normal levels due to restrictions and traveller’s fears amidst the pandemic, aircraft manufacturers have slowed the deliveries of new aircrafts. Airbus has said that it needs to cut 15,000 jobs globally due to the pandemic.

In an interview given to Hansdelsblatt business daily, Schoellhorn said the situation in early autumn was worse than what the company had predicted in the summer. He also added that cutting 15,000 jobs would be the minimum. Labour unions are fearing the management could shut down entire locations of some Airbus factories that were already underutilised before. Schoellhorn, however, ruled out such a move for Germany. He said that he does not see German locations at risk at the moment. 

Airbus chief executive Guillaume Faury said last month that the plane manufacturer would do all that is possible to cut costs without resorting to compulsory redundancies, but it cannot guarantee that it would be successful. 

In a letter to staff in September, Faury cautioned that Airbus may have to lay off after the air travel failed to recover the losses during the pandemic as quickly as expected.

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