Bahrain’s track on the side of being ‘dangerous’: Sainz

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For the second Sakhir Grand Prix in Bahrain, Carlos Sainz said the racing track for Formula One race is ‘dangerous’ with cars crashing into each other due to the fence. As a precautionary measure, F1 has changed the track to out loop with a 3.453 I’m distance. Reportedly, it’s the shortest track in the 2020 F1 season. 
In the qualifiers with 20 cars, there’s a high chance of cars coming in the way of each other due to the 54 seconds territory. To avoid the risk of mishaps, Sainz said the FIA must make necessary changes, especially to avoid colliding which happened in F2 qualifiers with Roy Nissany’s and Nick Schumacher’s cars crashing into each other.
 In a media report, Sainz said, “We need to find a way to make sure it doesn’t become dangerous, because, at the moment, it’s a bit on the limit of dangerous.” The discussion about the same will take place during the driver’s briefing session. He further added, “It’s risky, we are all trying to be sensible and safe as we can, but this track is offering us some challenges in terms of traffic management.” 
Addressing Sainz’s suggestion, Max Verstappen said, apart from the safety aspect there could also be a vast speeding difference between the cars in qualifying round. Verstappen further said, “It’s not the most exciting track to drive to be honest. Also, because of the small track, the radio is constantly open with: ‘be careful here, traffic there.’ It’s not really what you want while driving.”

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