Bengaluru: Husband to 5 wives thrashes 19-year-old daughter-in-law with a log after argument

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As the world observed International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on 25th November every year, a rather shocking incident has come to light. A man, who is a husband to five wives allegedly beat up his daughter-in-law, aged 19 in Bengaluru’s Peenya. The incident was reported by the accused’s son following which, the police registered a complaint.

Puneeth, accuser’s son, is a worker at a private company and resides in Nagasandra along with his wife Supriya. Living with 13 other tenants in a building, the couple used to pay a rental fee to Puneeth’s father Rajanna.

Puneeth stated that the building was registered under the name of Radha, who happens to be his mother and Rajanna’s second wife. Radha lived in a separate rented in the next lane, while the couple Puneeth and Supriya lived in one of the houses Radha owned after getting married. Rajanna resided with his family and first wife in a nearby neighbourhood.

According to Mirror Now, Radha allegedly put out a notice to one of the 13 tenants, to vacate the house as she wanted to shift and live with her son and daughter-in-law. On Saturday, at around 9:40 pm, Rajanna went over to Puneeth’s residence and warned Supriya to stay out of matters related to the house and rent.

According to the Bengaluru Mirror, Rajanna allegedly used abusive language and pounced at Supriya’s head, hands and shoulders with a log. The man allegedly threatened the 19-year-old bride with death too. Ravi, Rajanna’s son from his first wife, then thrashed Radha with a helmet.

Following this incident, Puneeth lodged a complaint with the police against his father and step-brother. Puneeth stated, “My father, who is around sixty years old, has five wives including my mother and the family is full of disputes regarding the property.”

Image Source: Indian Express

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