Bengaluru: Parking Policy 2.0 proposes new rules, might affect future vehicular ownership

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To resolve the issue of decreasing parking spaces and increasing woes in Bengaluru, chief minister BS Yediyurappa in a meeting regarding road regulations proposed the idea of denying permission for consumers to buy new vehicles if they fail to present proof of parking space in their residence. 

People parking cars on both sides of the road due to non-availability of parking spaces in their residence has resulted in congestion of roads and interrupts with the process of cleaning the area. The Pourakarmika workers have expressed their difficulties in cleaning the roads due to vehicles parked on the spots for months. 

The Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) put forward a new proposal, Parking Policy 2.0 for Bengaluru which was revived by Yediyurappa. As the traffic congestion has increased in the city due to increased vehicle ownership new plans of parking have been proposed with ten focus areas including paid parking, private parking management and organised parking systems among others, look at a technology-powered parking monitoring in the city. 

The policy talks about the proof of parking for vehicles registered or transferred after the policy is in place. A city-wide parking inventory with unique IDs assigned to each parking space will be prepared and proof of parking will be made mandatory to purchase a vehicle or while registering new vehicles or transferring ownership of registered vehicles, the policy recommends.

One of the recommendations in the meeting was that The smart parking facility, which is currently available on select roads, could be extended across the city. Other suggestions that were discussed were the plan to utilise neighbourhood vacant sites as parking spaces, which the site owners can monetise and using vacant government land to build parking space. Another proposal was to ban parking within a one-km radius of a multi-level parking facility.

The officials are yet to revise and review the Parking policy 2.0 post which will be presented in the cabinet for approval. 

However, some senior officials who attended the meeting expressed concerns over making such a rule mandatory and it was decided to examine legal possibilities for the same. 

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