Bhagwant Mann’s Two Big Decisions on Education

Bhagwant Mann’s Two Big Decisions on Education (Source: The Indian Express)
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Archith Srinivas

Before the commencement of the new academic year, Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has made two decisions through a video message. 

The first decision is that private schools are not allowed to impose any fee hike when it comes to school admissions or tuition fees. This decision comes after a lot of children were apparently changing schools due to the high fee. This is also being done for the benefit of the parents who may withdraw their wards from schools and force them to go and work in the unorganized sector. 

The second decision has to do with the purchase of school-going essentials. No school can force parents to buy anything including books/stationery/uniforms from a particular shop. This is being done to break the monopoly that certain shops might have garnered as these shops had started deciding the prices of the goods. And because they had no option, parents had to give in to the quoted prices. 

In the video message through which he announced this Mann was heard saying that education is supposed to widen the perspective of an individual. He said that people want to provide basic education for their children, but the exorbitant expense is a barrier, he said.

Ever since he has assumed office, Mann has given a lot of decisions to ease the lives of the citizens of Punjab. He started by announcing an anti-corruption helpline and also announced the doorstep delivery of rations. 

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