BJP’s General Secretary reacts to Bernie Sanders tweet

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US. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), a senior leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has responded to criticism from Democrat leader Bernie Sanders. They threatened to “force” the ruling party in the presidential election. In December, the opposition Labor Party in the election campaign against the BJP-affiliated unions alleged that the UK experienced, the upcoming election will pit the ruling party against the opposition Democrats threatened the tweet.
“No matter how neutral we want to be, you force us to play a role in the presidential election,” said B.L. BJP General Secretary Incharge Santosh on Twitter Thursday morning. “Sorry to say so … but you’re forcing us,” he says.
Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) The U.S. is responsible for the violence caused by “leadership failure.” Mr. Santosh responded to a tweet by Mr. Sanders called in response to President Donald Trump.
“Over 200 million Muslims call India home. At least 27 people have been killed and many injured in widespread anti-Muslim violence. Trump responded,” It’s up to India. It’s a human rights failure. ”
Responding to a question on violence at a press conference in New Delhi on Tuesday, Trump said he would “leave it to India” to deal with the CAA and the protests, saying he would not discuss violence in Delhi with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Mr. Sanders has criticized Mr. Modi on several occasions, including writing op-ed in the Houston Chronicle during the Trump-Modi joint rally “Howdy Modi” in Houston last September. The US’s “Deaf Silence on Kashmir”.
Earlier this week, Mr. Saunders’ foreign policy advisor Roh Khanna, an Indian-American spokesperson, also said that India remains an important strategic ally: “India is the world’s ination, the world is India in 1947, Gandhi and Nehru in the shape of India. This is not an eleventh-century India. Attempting to undermine India’s concept of plural democracy and going back to the Middle Ages is not in India’s interest. “
Last year, the Modi government refused to accept the decision of the US Congress on Kashmir to bring a resolution to the House, and Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar invited her to attend the House Foreign Affairs Committee meeting. . Ms. Jayapal’s resolution now includes 62 co-sponsors, including 5 Republicans, but has not yet been brought up for a vote.
Last year, The Hindu reported that the British government had formally “voiced its concerns” to the Foreign Ministry and the BJP’s Foreign Affairs Cell over comments made by a BJP-affiliated leader to vote for British-Indians. The Conservative Party criticized the decision to repeal Article 370, and against the Labor Party’s decision.
At that time, the Foreign Ministry said, “elections are an internal matter of the UK. All the people who voted in the election of any section of the population to whom they will support the UK we like to take part.”

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