BSF Thwarts Infiltration Attempt By Armed Terrorists in Jammu’s Samba Sector

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The vigilant Border security force team thwarted an infiltration attempt made by a group of five heavily armed terrorists from P.O.K. into the Samba sector of Jammu and Kashmir during the intervening hours of Saturday and Sunday.

At around 11:45 PM Saturday BSF troops deployed at the international border in samba observed the movement of a group of five terrorists, armed to the teeth driven by malicious intent of wreaking havoc, towards the Indian side of the border.

The BSF, in an official press release, said “During the dead of the night taking the undue advantage of pitch darkness and dense growth of Sarkanda (a type of grass), a terrorist group comprising of five heavily armed terrorists tried to infiltrate into the Samba sector of Jammu and Kashmir, the deployed BSF personnel upon spotting the movement of the terrorists ordered them to retreat but they instead opened fire and were equally well supported by the Pakistani rangers who provided cover fire to the terrorists to aid their intrusion. But due to the retaliatory heavy firing from the BSF troops, the terrorists were forced to flee to P.O.K.

“Our troops foiled yet another possible infiltration bid of armed terrorists from the Pakistani side”, NS Jamwal, I-G, Jammu Frontier, BSF said.

The BSF troops recently have been largely successful in thwarting several infiltration attempts made by the terrorists from across the border which has dented their malevolent intent of causing bloodshed and triggering pandemonium in the Indian side of the border.

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