CAT predicts we can achieve Paris Agreement targets

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In the latest analysis by the Climate Action Tracker (CAT) group, with new climate promises made by China and other nations along with the President-elect Joe Biden renewable energy plans, the rise in global temperature can be held to 2.1 degree Celsius by the end of 2100 compared to the previous estimate of 3 degree Celsius in term of pre-industrial temperatures. This is a positive estimate in line with the Paris Climate Agreement 2015 which has aimed to limit the global temperature to 2 degree Celsius by 2100.

These revised estimates are due to some key developments taking place in the last three months. In September, China’s President pledged in the UN that China will reach net zero emission by 2060. According to CAT, this alone development will help reduce the global temperature rise by 0.2-0.3 degree Celsius by 2100. Similarly, Japan and South Korea too have pledged net zero emission by 2050.

The recent announcement by President-elect Joe Biden to make USA carbon neutral by 2050 and $1.7 trillion climate plan has acted as a huge shot in the arm to tackle climate change since his predecessor President Donald Trump had on many occasions called climate change as “hoax”. Joe Biden has also pledged to bring the USA back in Paris Climate Agreement from which Trump has pulled out his country.

CAT is an independent scientific analysis working since 2009 tracking the steps taken by the government to combat climate change. Today it monitors the impact of steps taken by various countries in line with their commitment to Paris Climate Agreement in 2015 to limit the temperature to 2 degree Celsius and 1.5 degree Celsius as suggested by various scientific bodies.

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