China Pushes for Talks on Kashmir at the UN Security Council

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Amidst the turmoil surrounding the anti-citizenship Act that has gripped the country, China is pushing for yet another discussion on the Kashmir issue in the United Nations Security Council. The move comes just days before India and China are scheduled to hold the latest round of boundary talks.

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi penned a letter to the Security Council on December 12 expressing concern regarding the possibility of further escalation of tension in the region. According to Reuters, China’s UN mission wrote a note to the council members providing support to Pakistan. The note highlighted the seriousness of the situation and the risk of further escalation and echoed Pakistan’s request to brief the Council on the situation of Jammu and Kashmir.
China is against India’s decision to abrogate Article 370 as well as divide the state of J&K into two Union Territories. China’s attempts to go against India at the UNSC on several occasions, backed by its all-weather ally Pakistan remains a major cause of friction between New Delhi and Beijing.

Instead of voting, the discussion is intended to be held under a provision that involves only fagging of the issue.

India is most likely to provide an explanation to other members of the UNSC on its position that is most likely to obviate the necessity for such a discussion. According to sources, India has already reached out to partners and allies to strengthen its diplomatic stand.

The Security Council passed several resolutions in 1948 and the 1950s on the repeated dispute between India and Pakistan over the region, including one which states that a plebiscite should be held to determine the future of the Muslim dominated Kashmir. Another resolution calls upon New Delhi and Beijing to refrain from commenting on the issue and from doing or permitting any acts which might aggravate the situation.

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