China using militarized outposts in South China

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Image Source: Al Jazeera

Beijing is using militarized outposts in South China as coercion to have control over the waters. The US has asked the Chinese presidents that the maritime constructions would not be targeted or impact any country in any way. China has claimed 1.3 million square miles in the South China Sea. China has been making military bases on artificial islands which are located in the areas of Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines and Vietnam. 

China has stopped commercial activities in the region as well. The activities like fishing and mining which were being performed by the neighbouring countries for a hundred years has now suddenly made to come to a halt. 

US state department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus claimed that China does not want to militarize the area and it would not target or impact any of the countries around the area. 

However, the Chinese government-backed by the communist party (CPP) has initiated reckless militarization in the area. They have disputed outposts, deployment of anti-ship cruise missiles, the radar of military has been expanded, and intelligence capabilities have been increased. A lot of hangars for fighter jets have been made along with the deployment of many fighter jets. The tarmacs have also been prepared. 

The Chinese government has militarized the area to exert their hard power in the waters to the waters china has no lawful maritime claims. The Chinese coast guard is harassing the civilian ships on a daily basis in these areas. 

In recent times there have been a lot of states which have shown their displeasure in the United Nations regarding the ways in which the Chinese government is functioning in the waters. In recent months the US has also now started with a Naval presence in the South China Sea in order to protect navigation freedom.

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