Chinese Delivery Man Loots 14 iPhones, Uses Heist Money for Personal Purchases & Debts

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A Chinese delivery man looted 14 units of iPhone 12 pro max, worth Rs 18 lakh. The delivery executive was supposed to transport these phones but decided not to do it in a bid live a life of luxury albeit for a short period. The man has since been arrested.

The man identified as Tang was tasked to deliver the iPhone 12 pro max units from the Meituan- Dianping shopping mall to a Guiyang based reseller. The order for the same was placed on 4th November, 2020. Tang cancelled the orders of 14 units of iPhone 12 pro max. The missing units were reported, as the cancelled order was not returned to the store. The total price of these 14 units is approximately CNY 80,000 that is an estimated Rs 20 Lakh. Following the fraudulous crime, the man went underground, however was successfully traced and arrested by the police.

According to an official statement, Tang opened one box of iPhone 12 pro for personal use. A second unit was given out to his friend in effort to pay off his debts. He also morgaged another iPhone, at a pawn shop for CNY 500. The original price of iPhone 12 pro max is CNY 10,000 that is Rs 1,12,900. He also went shopping with the money, received after selling two phones and hired a BMW car for a ride at CNY 600 per day.

The local police then traced him and recovered all the sold iPhones. Tang has now been banned by the Apple stores. They have further issued a blacklist applicable in other countries as well.

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