Congress stomps over the Modi Juggernaut in Hindi Heart Lane: likely to form government in MP.

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BY: Harsh Shukla and Madhurima Dey

Heart lane of the nation with a clean sweep in Telangana and emerging as the single largest party in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Congress missed the majority mark by 1 seat in Rajasthan and 2 seats in MP.

The Shivraj Singh Chouhan government was dethroned after 15 years. Congress won in 114 seats and BJP was a close second with 109 seats. The support extended by BSP, who have won 2 seats in the state give an assurance to the INC in forming the government. Learning from its past mistakes in Goa, INC has pro-actively contacted the State Governor to claim stake at forming the government.

The thing to note however is that BJP edged slightly ahead in vote share with a mere difference of 32,000 votes. This itself tells the story how hard fought the election as in the state, unlike the other 2 where Congress is set to form the government.

BJP fared at 165 seats in 2013 election and is not at  , losing out on 56. BJP has lost out across all regions of MP, barring Bagelkhand,where they gained one seat as compared to 2013 elections. The gain of INC in the Urban constituencies which were BJP strongholds from 3 seats in 2013 to 17 seats in 2018 tells a story in itself. Similarly, Congress jumped from a total of 56 seats in 2013 to 98 seats this time around.

Congress sculpted its campaign in the state around local issues and Agrarian Crises with a touch of soft Hindutva. This seems to have worked beautifully for the party, remarked the Pundits of Indian Politics. BJP was notable to fight the anti-incumbency even after throwing in all its trump cards and star campaigners in the fold.

With the front-runners of the post of CM being Kamal Nath and Jyotiraditya Scindia, the party is yet to take a call on who shall be appointed. Kamal Nath is the State Unit Chief of the party whereas Scindia was chief of the campaigning committee of the state. Both these leaders have never fought in State Assembly elections but are staking an equally strong claim for the post of CM.