Coronavirus: As per Sources, China has been “Deliberately Delaying” Flight to Evacuate Indians

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According to official sources, the proposal by India to send the Indian Air Force Flight (IAF) which will have relief materials for those who have been affected by the coronavirus in India’s neighbouring countries and also “bring back Indians from its city of Wuhan” is being delayed by China. So far, the clearance has not been granted to India.

India decided to send its C-17 military aircraft to Wuhan, the city which is considered to be the centre of the outbreak of the epidemic, however, due to lack of permission the process couldn’t take place.

However, as per sources, China continued to reject the fact that there had been any delay in granting permission, but highlighted, “inexplicably” that so far no clearance has been given.

Recently, PM Narendra Modi wrote a letter to President Xi Jinping where he mentioned the fact the India stands with the people of China and the government “in meeting the challenges” which is faced by the country to meet the deadly coronavirus. Due to the virus, the death toll, according to ALJAZEERA, has risen to 2,345 and the number of cases so far, has been, 76,288. Further, India has also decided to provide possible assistance to the country to prevent the epidemic.

Based on China’s requirement, India, decided to supply surgical masks, feeding pumps and also gloves.

So far, in two different flights, India has evacuated nearly 640 people from Wuhan, however, as per an estimate, more than 100 people are still in Wuhan.

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