Coronavirus created in a government lab in Wuhan, says Chinese whistleblower virologist

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Former Chinese virologist from Hong Kong, Dr Li-Meng Yan claimed that the novel coronavirus was created in a government-controlled laboratory in Wuhan, the epicentre of the global pandemic. She offered scientific evidence supporting her claims, stating that she was assigned to investigate “new pneumonia” in December 2019 when she discovered a cover-up regarding the coronavirus.

Yan appeared in an exclusive interview on a UK talk show called ‘Loose Women’, where she said that there was a large number of SARS-like cases coming up in mainland China late last year. The scientist reported this to her supervisor, who was also a WHO consultant, expecting him to do the “right thing”. Instead, she was expressly told to “maintain silence or else she would be made to disappear”, which she said was common knowledge in China. She added that the Chinese government knew about the spread of the virus and never publicly acknowledged it. Dr Yan added that the coronavirus is a “high-mutant virus” and that the stories about the virus being spread through a wet market and intermediate hosts were just a smokescreen.

Li-Meng said that a New York-based body had helped her get out of Hong Kong shortly after she spoke out about it. Speaking from a remote, secure location, she told viewers that she, along with a small group of top scientists, have been working together to write two reports that contain all the scientific evidence required to support her claims. She said that one of them will be published in “several days”, which would provide conclusive evidence about the man-made origins of the virus.

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