COVID-19 Advisor to the Trump Administration Resigns

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Scott Atlas has resigned as special advisor to the Donald Trump Administration on Monday says the White House. His resignation comes months after he repeatedly attacked science-based public health measures. He is also said to have constantly fought with the rest of the members on the coronavirus task force.

Atlas wrote his letter of resignation dates for the 1st of December reports Fox News. The letter stated, “I am writing to resign from my position as Special Advisor to the President of the United States,”. He confirmed his resignation through a tweet later on in the day.

Atlas works in health care policy at Hoover Institution, where he is a neuroradiologist and a fellow. Despite having no expertise or credentials with infectious diseases or epidemiology, he was still selected by the Trump administration to advise the President on the pandemic.  He continuously clashed with the top to governmental scientists Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr.Deborah Birx. He did so by continuously resisting their efforts to contain the pandemic.

He was against the Stay-at-home order taken by various states across the US and he did not find the need for masks. He also encouraged the residents of Michigan to ‘rise up’ against the restrictions put out by the governor of the state. Atlas downplayed the coronavirus which has already taken millions of lives in America.

Atlas was continuously criticized by scientist for downplaying the virus and misleading the Trump administration. He defended himself in his letter of resignation by saying, “I cannot think of a time where safeguarding science and the scientific debate is more urgent.” His resignation comes at a time when coronavirus cases have surged in the US. The US is reporting over 1,00,000 new cases per day.

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