Cross Border Terror and 5G Network on Agenda for Day 2 of Trump’s Trip

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The second day of US President Donald Trump’s visit to the Indian republic was reserved for discussions on issues of cross border terrorism and secure 5G networks in the country. This discussion was the second full-fledged discussions since Trump was elected to power in 2017. Significant issues like the talks on Afghanistan and the Asia-Pacific cooperation have matured since Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s and President Trump’s first detailed meeting in the summer of 2017.

The strategic partnership of the two nations is rooted in the shared values of freedom, justice, human rights and commitment to the rule of law. Both the countries work well together in the 2+2 framework which gives them room for realising the full potential of the partnership, guided by the vision of the respective leaders. Trump’s speech at Ahmedabad gave a glimpse of what the summit at New Delhi’s iconic Hyderabad House would comprise of on Tuesday. He referred to Pak-based terror, Indo-Pacific partnership and upcoming defence deals that would shape global partnership. The two leaders also focused on addressing irritants that have held back trade deal.

Trump’s speech at the Motera stadium in Ahmedabad raised a probable chance that India would highlight key concerns about cross- border terror attacks in Kashmir from Pakistan. In the technology sector, talks for the 5G networks are on the table for discussion. Although India allowed China’s tech giant, Huawei to participate in the 5G trials, the US has repeatedly warned the nation about Huawei’s ability for surveillance. The final stance on allowing the tech giant into the Indian 5G market is yet to be cleared.

The countries were also said to have discussed granting the US access to India’s dairy market at the same level as other countries on the condition of certification saying the cattle feed was vegetarian only.

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