Death Toll of 10 After Suicide Blast in Pakistan

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Around 10 people lost their lives in a suicide blast at Quetta, the southwestern city of Pakistan.

Two police personnel were among those killed in the attack in the city which is the capital of Balochistan territory, outskirts Afghanistan and Iran. “We have gotten 10 bodies up until now and 35 harmed in Civil Hospital,” an emergency clinic official told Reuters.

“The suicide bomber aimed at targeting a religious group but blew himself up when the police stopped him as he moved suspiciously in the area,” Abdul Razzaq Cheema, Quetta police head, told correspondents.

A month ago, 13 individuals were killed in Quetta when a bomber blew himself at a mosque during the night prayers. Mineral-rich Balochistan territory is at the focal point of the $60 billion China Pakistan Economic Corridor, which is part of Beijing’s gigantic Belt and Road foundation venture. Brutality in Balochistan has fuelled worries about the security of ventures, for example, an arranged vitality connected from western China to Pakistan’s southern port of Gwadar.

Several news agencies claim that the number of casualties could be much higher but the final count can be from ten to twenty-five.

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