Devi Prasad Tripathi, Senior NCP Leader Passes Away

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Senior Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Leader, Devi Prasad Tripathi passed away in New Delhi on Thursday morning due to prolonged illness. The NCP Leader was 67 years old. He was fighting cancer for the past 3 years. He left behind a wife and three sons.

Devi Prasad Tripathi was the general secretary of the Nationalist Congress Party and also a former students’ union leader. He is known for his good oratory skills and deep intellect. Despite his eyesight issue, tackling the physical restraint, he is known for his academic knowledge. He is also lovingly known as DPT among his friends and colleagues. He was born in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh and brought up in Howrah, Kolkata. He pursued his education from Allahabad University and Jawaharlal University. During the emergency period from June 1975 to January 1977, he was the president of Jawaharlal Nehru Students’ Union.

In 1983, DP Tripathi’s political career was born when he served as the political adviser to former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi who was seeking assistance to resolve the agitation in Jawaharlal Nehru University. Tripathi continued to act as Rajiv Gandhi’s political advisor until Gandhi’s assassination in 1991.
Due to the difference in opinion among Congress in 1991, Tripathi along with Sharad Pawar and P.A. Sangma became one of the founding members of the Nationalist Congress Party. He became a member of parliament after a very long political career during which he played a crucial part in the establishment of democracy in Nepal. He also was a member of the committees of external affairs when he was a Rajya Sabha member.

Condolence messages rushed in as his death was declared. NCP MP Supriya Sule tweeted that she was deeply saddened by the news and DP Tripathy was a guide and mentor to all the member of NCP. She added that his guidance and counselling will be missed which he gave them from the day when NCP was born.

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