Director of Hospital Dies of COVID-19 in Wuhan

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Liu Zhiming, the director of the Wuhan Wuchang hospital in Hubei province of Wuhan, on Tuesday, died of the deadliest Coronavirus, according to a local governmental source. Liu was a neurosurgeon himself and one of the most senior health workers known to have lost his life as a result of the coronavirus epidemic. This has increased the criticism against the Chinese government which states that, the government has not done enough to protect frontline medical workers. 

Outside of Hubei, the number of new cases has come down for 2 continuous weeks. However, despite this, the rampant measures are being ramped up in most of the country. On Tuesday, the global death toll from the virus is at 2,009. According to China’s National Health Commission, since December, more than 12,500 patients have recovered and discharged from the hospitals. 

Some 780 million people are still living under some sort of restricted movement, including people from Hubei, Beijing and Shanghai. Restrictions includes everything from self- quarantines to limits on who can come and go from the neighbourhood. 

Also, on Tuesday media reports stated that, doctors and nurses who die while treating the patients of Coronavirus will officially be designated as ‘martyrs.’ 

On Monday, the central government announced that the annual meeting of National People’s Congress (NPC) may get postponed as the country continues to deal with the outbreak from the coronavirus. NPC meeting involves 3,000 national legislators, and hence risk can’t be taken. 

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