Doctor in Patna Fined For Removing a Kidney in the Guise of a Stone Surgery

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In a strange set of events, a 20 year old man from Begusarai, Patna realized his kidney had been removed by his doctor working in a private clinic situated at the Kankarbagh police station area in Patna.

After the surgery, the patient experienced abdominal pain, after which they consulted the doctor, who refused to acknowledge the matter at first but stepped down to apologize and insisted to hush the matter upon receiving immense pressure from the parents of the patient.

A mob of agitated people soon stormed the place after hearing the news. Meanwhile, the family registered a case against the doctor, following which the police arrived at the scene and pacified the crowd.

In a confrontation with the police, the doctor argued that the patient had a stone on both sides due to which he removed the kidney to stop the excessive bleeding during the operation.

He even said that his family members were made aware of the same but the relatives totally denied the statement. The patient’s family questioned the doctor’s action and demanded an explanation for removing an organ which wasn’t damaged in the first place.

The family didn’t slap any legal case on the doctor, instead, he was asked to comply with the matter and settle the case on a stamp of Rs.1000 and pay 10 lakhs as compensation for the suffering the patient went through.

Image Source: The Hindu

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