Donald Trump says he was aware of the violence in Delhi but did not discuss it with PM Modi

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On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump said that he was informed regarding the communal rage that took place in Delhi but decided not to talk about it in the meeting since the issue is left up to India to handle it.        

When the media asked Trump regarding his thoughts on the communal violence taking place in Delhi at the time of his stay in the country, he said, “As far as an individual attack is concerned, I heard about it but I didn’t discuss (with PM Modi). That’s up to India.”

Trump also conveyed his respect towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s continuous attempts to confirm and establish religious liberty in India.

“We did talk about religious freedom. The Prime Minister was incredible in his efforts. He wants people to have freedom of religion and said that in India they have worked very hard to have great and open religious freedom especially if we look back and look at what’s going on relative to other places. We talked about it for a long time and I really believe that’s what he(Modi) wants.” Trump added.

With the ongoing rampage in Delhi’s North-East region since Monday, communal clashes have taken away the life of around 10 persons which included a police officer and left hundred people seriously bruised.

The brutality broke out in the Maujpur area of Delhi on Monday when people from two divided groups raising their voice in favour of or against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) began attacking each other with stones. Later the clash expanded to neighbourhood areas and took the form of communal tension.

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