Former JNU Student Leader Umar Khalid Arrested by Delhi Police under UAPA

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Former Jawaharlal Nehru University student leader, Umar Khalid was arrested on Sunday by the Delhi Police Special Cell under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA). According to reports, the police are likely to file a charge sheet against him and will be produced before a court in Delhi today. 

The arrest was based on information provided by an informant to Sub-Inspector Arvind Kumar of the narcotics unit of the Crime Branch which prompted an FIR to be filed against him. The FIR states that the Delhi riots that occurred in February were part of a “premeditated conspiracy” that was allegedly plotted by Khalid and others associated with various organisations. It goes onto claim that the accused gave provocative speeches to appeal to the citizens to hold protests and block the roads during the visit of US President Donald Trump to India. This was reportedly put into action to spread propaganda at an international level about the unfair persecution of minorities in the country. Kumar stated that as a part of this conspiracy, weapons were stored at various houses in Kardampuri, Jafrabad, Gokulpuri and nearby areas. 

The arrest comes days after Khalid expressed his opinions against the justice system of the country at a press conference on September 4 stating that there were two types of laws being followed in the country – one for the supporters of the ruling party and another for the people who chose to stand against the former. He said, “There is an attempt to rewrite the history of the past six months in front of our eyes and give it an official stamp.”

According to reports by the Indian Express, Khalid’s lawyer Trideep Pais claimed that the allegations against Khalid were “completely false, fabricated and procured illegally through duress”. 

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