Goa Government to Set up Special Zones for Drinking During Carnival

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A day after Manohar Ajgaonkar, Goa Tourism Minister, declared that consumption of alcohol in public places will be illegal during the Goa Carnival 2020, he has announced the setting up of dedicated spots or “picnic spots” where drinking alcohol will not be restricted.

“Special zones would be created on the state’s popular beaches for picnic and liquor drinking,” Ajgaonkar told ANI a day after unveiling the programs for Carnival 2020.

The move is part of the ban on drinking (alcohol) in public places which is already in force in Goa, he told during a press conference. The news may not be pleasant for the sizeable number of tourists who visit Goa due to its lenient laws on alcohol consumption.

During the press conference, Ajgaonkar also mentioned that anyone who is caught drinking outside of the dedicated spots would be fined Rs5000. “ Police head constables have been given power, wardens too will be there besides supervisors, who will have the power to fine people drinking alcohol outside these designated zones,” he said.

He also said that no float on the Citizen Amendment Bill, which has been met with nationwide protests since its passing on December 11, 2019, will be allowed during the famous float parades in the carnival. He advised the participants to come up with “clean” floats showcasing the culture of Goa and also discouraged commercial floats. “The unwanted floats would be eliminated from the parade. We can’t allow the floats like those making a statement on the Citizenship Amendment Act or any other thing,” said Ajgaonkar.

The Goa Carnival will be held between February 22 and February 25, 2020.

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