Google to develop a feature like true caller for android users

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A brand new feature has been rolled out by Google a giant search engine of the internet in five countries including India for Android users. The feature is being launched simultaneously in Brazil, the US, India, Spain, and Mexico. This feature would help the users to avoid potential calls that are a scam. The new feature is called verified calls that shall help the users to not only identify calls so that they trust unknown callers on their app, but it would also verify the businesses of those trying to call their users.

The users of Android phones would get to know the name of the caller along with viewing the logo and purpose of business, coupled with a symbol that would authenticate the caller by Google, with the help of this feature called verified calls.

The new feature being launched by Google is a sophisticated version that is basically based on the core on the functioning of an App called true caller, which was also meant to identify the callers who were unknown
The company in a blog post has made a claim that the results obtained after running their pilot program have displayed considerable improvements in any probability of the consumers taking up an unwanted call.
In order to use the feature of verified calls, the Android users will have to download Google’s phone-based App which would be equipped with the said feature. The company has come forward to declare that the App shall be available for download earliest from the start of next week or so.

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