Google Updates Its Terms of Service for General Users by 2000 Words

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Google updates its terms of service on Thursday, 20th February 2020. This has been the largest update to the general use contract since 2012. This change was brought about as a response to the pair of court orders issued in Europe. For years now, Google has been updating and changing its policy, which decides what content should or should not be allowed on its platform. This activity has increased over the past couple of years as tech industries across the U.S. and Europe are brought under scrutiny.

Google, Facebook, Twitter and other leading digital companies are being questioned on how much information they know about their users and what they do with that information. Last year, Facebook updated its terms of services to clarify how it makes its money from user data. According to Google, they have not changed anything significant in the document, except changing its language to make it simpler and easier to understand.

The document is around 2000 words longer than it previously was, this is because Google decided to provide an expanded definition to cover Google Drive and Chrome. The new terms will be effective March onwards.

After Europe enacted its broad-reaching privacy laws, Googles privacy policy was made separate and was substantially updated. The company also updated it’s ‘About Google’ page explaining how it makes money from advertisements and a vast amount of customer information it collects. 

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