Gujarat: Architect arrested for running online sex chatting, video-call racket

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In a shocking incident, an architect has been arrested from his design office for running an online sex chatting and video-calling racket in Gujarat’s Vadodara.

The accused employed majority of women from Akota, a posh area. The heinous activities of the man came to limelight when the cops raided his office and confiscated women’s passports, sex toys and laptops.
Identified as Nilesh Gupta, 44, the accused had been using his designing office called Ray Design World for running the racket. Gupta belongs to Agra but lives in Vadodara with his second wife who is a Russian. The couple started living at Shree Residency, Akota, after 2012 when Nilesh divorced his first wife and wedded the Russian woman. His second wife went to Russia last year but could not return because of the lockdown.
The police got a tip-off regarding the illegal activities being carried out at Hardik Chamber in Akota. Ever since then, the police had been keeping a close eye on the building and launched an investigation.

When the raid happened, the accused along with two other women, who were involved in the racket, were arrested from the building. The investigation revealed that the man used to provide explicit content to a European pornographic website called ‘Chaturbate’. To hide the identity of the customers, the pornographic site was operated through tokens.
The police discovered 30 bitcoins addresses used by Gupta and seized a wallet consisting of 9.5 bitcoins, where each bitcoin is priced at Rs 1.5 lakh. His partner-in-crime, Ami Parmer, is still on a run.

As many as 11 laptops, two sex toys, 2 webcams, 2 televisions, 2 routers along with a mobile phone were confiscated from Gupta’s car. The police also found 19 passports with 40 bio-data that belonged to various women.
“Our next step is to find all these 19 women and take their statements against the kingpin,” said the police to the media.

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