High court demands a detailed report from the Mumbai police on TRP scam.

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There will be a hearing in the squashing of the TRP scam filled by Arnab Goswami, editor and chief of Republic Tv. The high court said the police will have to issue summons as it has issued to the employs of Republic TV.  The high court has taken the plea for interim relief.

A bench of SS Shinde and MS Karnik claimed that summons has been issued and Arnab Goswami will have to come in for the investigations. It will be made sure that he has to cooperate during the investigation and the police while their working.

The court has demanded the police submit their perusal investigation papers before the 5th of November. The papers have to be sent in a sealed cover.  The case would be heard in the court in the month of November.

The court has heard the petition filed by Republic TV for Arnab squashing the FIR filed on 6th October regarding the fake TRPs. The petition demanded the case to be transferred to the CBI for a righteous and fair trial. The case will have pan India repercussions as the broadcast channel is viewed by people across India.

The plea has asked the high court the police from restraining in any further investigations and the CBI should just look after it. Harish Salve said, “the Mumbai police have been picking upon Arnab and we have an apprehension that they might try to arrest him as well.”

Kapil Sibal said “ the summons have been issued to eight people who were the employees of Republic TV. However, no one has been arrested so far. “

Republic TV claims Mumbai police and Maharashtra government admitted in court that Republic TV is not named in FIR in the TRP case. The claim was made in a media release.

Further investigations are in place and an important hearing of the case is dated for 5th November 2020.

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