CEO of the Qatar World Cup wants to meet Gareth Southgate to discuss his comments on LGBTQ+ issues and women’s safety

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Angana Pal Chinya

In response to Gareth Southgate’s comments on the human rights records of the country, Nasser Al-Khater, the chief executive of the Qatar World Cup has called for a meeting with the England manager. Southgate raised concerns over how homosexuality is against the law in the Gulf State. Fans might feel uneasy since women’s rights are also a critical area. In addition, Amnesty International’s report indicates that migrant workers in Qatar are being exploited, which Qatar denies.

He believes that he along with the team should have taken a stance right before entering the tournament, now it will be just a waste of time to boycott the game. As it would only contribute to the gossip, be a big story as well but the tournaments would continue. Most of the issues that are non-religious and non-cultural have to do with what transpired during the construction of the stadiums.

He also speaks of the dilemmas that bothers him to stand up. The fact that if it is against one particular issue or a country as a whole. Subsequently, relations with Qatar are very interlaced, it consists of business, trade and not just sports. Diplomatic relations concerning so many people is one of the most difficult conundrums. 

The England manager said, “it was a shame” that fans were prevented from going to the World Cup because of a myriad of reasons, highlighting the rights of women and LGBTQ+ individuals. 

There is a responsibility to “pick his words carefully” for someone with a lot of influence, like Southgate, Al-Khater said. “And I think that before making statements like that when it comes to the workers, he needs to come here and speak to workers and understand what workers get out of being here.” he added 

Al-Khater said he looks forward to discussing the issues with Southgate during the World Cup draw, which will be held in Doha on Friday.

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