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-Madhurima Dey

Gauri Lankesh’s assassination was a silencing message to all those who tried to speak the truth against those sitting comfortably in power today.

If Gauri was alive, today she would have been 57. And coincidentally tomorrow is the day when Gandhiji was shot by a man whose ideology is in many ways were similar to that of Gauri’s killer.

Today on her birthday we should remember her, not because of the deadly way she was assassinated or for her quest to confront those she knew were dangerous when their power position were opposed, but it is more because of her strong journalistic voice and her will to question the power structure. She never feared asking uncomfortable questions to those who are accountable to all the citizens.

In his famous non factious narrative ‘A Free Voice’, Ravish Kumar speaks about what made Gauri Lankesh stay inside our heart forever, it’s her attitude of slamming the instilled threat and fear and her utmost willingness to raise her voice. “To remind ourselves that despite the best efforts of that National Project of Instilling Fear, we should not give in.” said Ravish Kumar. Gauri Lankesh’s close friend and activist KS Vimala said, “They can kill her but they cannot kill her thoughts.” The hope for freedom of press and freedom of dissent live on through Gauri’s memorable work and her desperate desire to speak out and criticize the power. 

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