India-China face-off gets serious in Ladakh

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Foreign minister S. Jaishankar will be stopping in Tehran will be going to Moscow on Tuesday for a meeting of SCO Foreign ministers. The foreign minister is going to be the second minister after Rajnath Singh to have stopped while travelling back from Moscow. Officials claim it’s a “technical” halt for refuelling. The minister will be meeting his counterpart Javad Zarif. The Moscow meeting will be the first meeting in which the minister would be stepping out of the country after the coronavirus pandemic.

The focus of the Moscow meeting between Jaishankar and Wang Yi would be to talk about the Ladakh crisis and resolve it through the talks itself. In all the heightened tension India has been accused of allowing Indian troops to cross LAC and fire shots to deter the Chinese patrolling guards.

PLA Western Theater Command spokesperson claimed that Indian troops had illegally crossed the LAC to deter the Chinese troops and tried provoking china “shore of the Shenpao Mountain area”.

“During the operation, the Indian army blatantly fired shots at the patrol personnel of the Chinese border guards who had made representations, and the Chinese border guards were forced to take countermeasures to stabilize the situation on the ground,”

“We request the Indian side to immediately stop dangerous actions, immediately withdraw cross-line personnel, and strictly investigate and punish personnel who fired shots to ensure that similar incidents do not occur again. Our troops will resolutely perform their duties and missions and resolutely defend national territorial sovereignty.”

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