India COVID-19 positivity rate falls to 6.69: Health Ministry

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The Union Health Ministry on Tuesday declared the cumulative positivity rate for COVID-19 in India has fallen to 6.69 from 7.15 in the period between November 11 and December 1 this year. Further, it was declared that the amount of active cases has continued to decline and currently lies at 4.60%. 

Speaking at a press conference health secretary Rajesh Bhushan was quoted saying “In November this year, the number of recoveries has been more than the number of new Covid-19 cases.”

Further, while India’s total case tally is nearing the ten million mark with 9462810 total cases recorded, the recovery rate has continued to increase currently hitting the mark of 93.94%. The gap between the number of recoveries and active cases has continued to grow and reached 8553982 currently while the number stands at 8889585. 

Over the last 24 hours, India saw 31118 new cases of COVID-19. The state of Maharashtra was the biggest contributor as it recorded 3837 new cases. Meanwhile Delhi despite taking massive strides in controlling its ‘second wave’ still saw a daily rise of 3726 cases. Kerala also continues to be the source of highest transmission in India with 3382 new cases. 

Of the total amount of new cases in the country, 76.82% of them are concentrated in the same state across just 10 states/Union Territories in India. Currently, India’s active cases stands at 435603 and steadily continued to decline from the peak couple of months ago

Meanwhile, in the same press conference, Bhusan caused a bit of controversy talking about the vaccine roll-out procedure. While being asked about the time required for the entire country to be vaccinated, he caused outrage on social media by saying “I just want to make this clear that the govt has never spoken about vaccinating the entire country. It’s important that we discuss such scientific issues, based on factual information only.”

Image Source: Quint 

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