India Jumps Up A Spot To Become The Second Worst COVID-19 Hit Country In The World

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In a series of devastating events coming one after the other in the pandemic ridden globe, India bags the second place in the list of the worst affected COVID – 19 hit countries according to the recent figures that have put the nation in a state of panic.

India, during the past few days, had witnessed a spike in its active cases registered and managed to record an alarming 90,802 cases in the last 24 hours, bringing the total tally to a whopping 42,04,613 cases; just after the U.S, who is currently at the top of the list with 62,77,004 cases.

Brazil stepped down from its previous position with a total of 41,37,521 active cases, while securing its place with a total of 1,26,650 death cases.  
Citing recent figures from a health bulletin issued today morning, 1016 people lost their lives due to COVID -19, taking the death toll to 71,642 and establishing a fatality rate of 1.70 per cent, which is comparatively lower than the U.S and Brazil.

India still lags behind in terms of testing levels, despite conducting more than 1 million tests a day. Concerns have also been raised over the accuracy of these tests as more than half of these were rapid antigen tests which gave a higher percentage of negative outcomes.

Doctors speculated that a sharp influx in the number of infections might be due to the commencement of the unlock phase, during which certain amount of restrictions where withdrawn leading to recklessness among its citizens at a time when conditions continued to deteriorate. 

Around 1,81,33,725 people have recovered worldwide, with Brazil leading with 35,22,155 cases, India trailing behind with 23,15,995 cases and the U.S in the third position with 8,40,997 cases.

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