India records the highest COVID-19 deaths per day in the world

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India’s total deaths due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) are now the highest in the world. There is a continuous rise in the fatality rate, above the United States’ and Brazil’s, making it the country with the highest number of deaths. As of now, a total of 73,912 deaths have been reported in India. India recorded its highest coronavirus-related deaths a day after it surpassed Brazil in the number of total coronavirus cases, becoming the second worst-affected country in the world. The highest daily count of coronavirus deaths in the country stands at 1,133 on September 8, 2020. The figures from the health ministry indicate over 75,000 new cases reported in the country, lower than a total of  90,000 infections recorded daily in the past two days. The statistics were published by the John Hopkins University that compiles the pandemic case figures.

There are currently a total of 27.6 million coronavirus cases in the world and 4.37 million in India alone. The states that have reported the highest 24-hour jump in active cases are Maharashtra (1,084), Chhattisgarh (1,023), Madhya Pradesh (846), Odisha (817) and Haryana (641). With 73,521 new daily recoveries, India’s recovery rate has fallen marginally. The COVID-19 recovery rate in India has hiked up to 77.31 per cent with 69,564 patients recovering from the disease in the duration of 24 hours pushing the total number of recoveries to 32.5 lakhs, according to the health ministry.

 The government has maintained that it conducts a high number of tests. Meanwhile, the government has also come up with various guidelines for Mental Health Institutions. These include providing adequate medical supplies to the patients, monitoring their temperatures regularly, avoiding group interactive activities, educating the patients about basic prevention measures, reducing the number of visitors to the hospitals, creating an ample number of isolation wards for suspected patients. These measures will largely help in reducing the community spread of the virus and the number of infections, thus bringing down the number of deaths per day.

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