Indian American community holds a free drive-thru giveaway in Washington DC

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On September 20th, in Washington DC, the Indian American community came together to host a free drive-thru food giveaway for over 15000 families. For more than six months now, about 250 cars have parked in the parking lots of designated churches and schools for a drive-thru giveaway as a part of the initiative by the Indian American community, for providing to those who are still struggling because of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Over 250 families were seen in their car, lined up on Sunday morning to receive the food which included the items like fresh produce and packaged food. The families included several different faiths.
A leading member of the American community shared with the ANI, “We have supplied groceries, to at least 15,000 families in the area. And that last for about three to four days for people, a family of four…”
He went on to say that this was an effort on the part of the Indian American community to tell people that they are a giving community.

According to ANI, the food drive was the result of the partnership among the several members of the Indian American community, the local church and the county administration in the Washington DC metro area. Rajiv Jain, one of the volunteers said that this initiative was a voluntary one, and people were so much eager to help out that oftentimes some had to be held back from participating.

“We are just grateful that you’re helping the community,” a couple thanked the volunteers. The community shared information regarding the distribution done through local NGO’s and food banks. They usually also reach out to places of worship that are around to spread the word.
The community is planning to host their next giveaway drive on October 2nd, on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary, following a food drive during Diwali.

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