Indian-Americans have powered the growth of the U.S: Presidential Candidate Biden

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Image Source: The Hindu

American presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, Joe Biden on Tuesday said that the entrepreneurship and hard work of the Indian-American community have helped the economic growth of the United States tremendously. He further added that the group is responsible for the country’s cultural dynamism and appreciation for other belief systems. 
Biden’s statements were made during a virtual fundraiser organised by Indian-Americans to celebrate the community’s social mission. He was addressing members and donors assuring that once elected, he as president will settle the concerns of the group, in particular, the controversial changes imposed by the Trump administration to the H-1B visa policy. He said that the United States will welcome the best and the brightest immigrants from India and abroad. 

The former Vice President of the country, further added that he was conscious of the community’s contribution to America. He cited tech innovation Silicon Valley as an example, where some of the most influential companies are run by Indian of the community. He stated, “That is a continuation of who we are, we are a nation of immigrants.” Biden who has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump’s policies also addressed changes in the H-1B visa, racial injustice and the climate crisis in his virtual address. 

Joe Biden also spoke extensively on the values of the Indian-American Diaspora stating that he admired the social and family orientation of the community. Family and Indian cuisine remained central themes in the conversation between Biden and Dr. Vivek Murthy, former surgeon general. Other significant attendees included Seema Sadanandan, senior policy advisor to the campaign, and Ajay Jain Bhutoria, Asian American Pacific Islander Leadership Council, the former was also the opening address of the virtual fundraiser. 

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