Indian Army develops Whatsapp like messaging app

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Indian Army has recently developed in house WhatsApp like messaging app called ‘secure application over the internet(SAI)’.

SAI was first developed by a colonel Sai Shankar, commanding officer of the signals unit in Rajasthan. It was then raised to military-grade standards by Army cops of Signal. It is only provided over the android platform and Army claims it to be as secure as Whatsapp.

According to the statement given out by the Army, it supports secure text, voice, and video call. So, communications become much secure, and chances of data leakage get reduced.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh reviewed the functionalities of the app and complimented Colonel Sai Shankar for his skill and ingenuity in developing the application, the statement added.

With Chinese and Pakistani Intelligence online Espionage constantly increasing, it was felt necessary in the Army to have its platform where personnel can be monitored and tracked easily. They are always on the hunt to obtain operational data about both personnel and equipment.

Moreover, Unlike all other messaging apps, all her servers will be located in India. So, this reduces data leakage into foreign hands.

In 2018, A group captain from IAF posted in Airforce Headquater was honey-trapped by ISI through FB. A Similar network was busted in The Navy where more than 60 personnel were arrested. They were sharing operational details over mobile phones.

Earlier in June, The Army had banned the use of 89 apps including Wechat, Shareit, Zoom, Truecaller, PUBG, etc for its personnel. The Navy had similarly banned its personnel from using smartphones in warships.

This app will boost the ‘Make In India’ Initiative in the Armed forces. The Government wants the military to cut down its import to become self-reliant. The Government has recently banned the import of 100 items to make the military self-reliant.

Defence Ministry has filed for Intellectual property Rights, many infrastructures on NIC (National Informatics Centre) and the process of developing the app for IOS  is still underway.

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