Indian Diplomat walks out of UNGA session in a mark of protest against Pakistan PM’s speech

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Image Source: Hindustan Times

The delegate of India, Mijito Vinito, (a junior diplomat from the 2010 batch of the Indian Foreign Service), in a mark of protest against Pakistan’s false accusations against the Indian state walked out of the hall at the 75th Annual Meeting of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), held on the 25th of September in New York, as soon as Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s address began.

In his address, the Prime Minister attempted to rally the international community’s attention to the Kashmir issue among others, as has been done time again at multiple platforms, the most recent example being the SAARC Virtual Meet wherein both the Indian and Pakistani foreign minsters took part.

Khan accused the Indian government of gross human rights violations in what he referred to as Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IOJK). In addition to this, he also accused the government of planning coordinated military action against Pakistan so as to divert people’s attention from its internal issues. 

Meanwhile, in a sharp response to Khan’s speech, TS Trimurti, India’s permanent representative to the United Nations tweeted that India would use the right of reply facility to respond to the PM’s address. He called the statement “a new diplomatic low” and referred to the invocation of the Kashmir issue as falsified, one full of personal attacks as well as war mongering. Moreover, he also accused Pakistan of obfuscation of facts relating to the persecution of its ethnic minorities as well as state sponsored cross-border terrorism. 

This comes in just a day after Senthil Kumar, the First Secretary to India’s Permanent Mission to UN Geneva at the start of the 45th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) being held between 14th September and 7th October 2020, said the world doesn’t need lessons on human rights from Pakistan, a country known to be the “nursery and epicentre of terrorism”.  

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