Indian railways install PET bottle crushing machine in Mumbai Rajdhani

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With an aspiration of reducing on plastic waste the Western Railways has installed a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle crushing machine in Mumbai Rajdhani Express for the first time in Indian railways. 

This comes as a huge step under the Indian Railways’ Swachh Bharat and Go Green missions. The super fast express Rajdhani runs between Mumbai Central and New Delhi. Reportedly, these machines can accept all types of PET bottles from 200 ml to 2.5 litres capacity and has an internal storage bin of approx 20 litres which is equivalent to 1500 bottles. It is expected to crush up to 3000 bottles per day and can recycle 90% PET waste bottles at the source. This is a huge step towards cleaner railway compartments.

Talking about the development, the Indian Railways believe that the move is expected to reduce carbon footprints by 100 percent recycling. It also expected that the PET bottle crushing machine can improve the littering situation, which is very common in Indian and is the reason for a lot of health problems.

In a tweet introducing the machine, the ministry of Indian railways tweeted, “First time in the country, Indian Railways has installed a PET bottle crushing machine in the LHB pantry car (03840 WR). Capacity 3000 bottles/day enable recycling of 90% PET waste bottles from 200 ml-2.5 litre size. Carbon footprint reduced by 100% recycling & avoids littering.” The Indian Railways have taken a leap to reduce littering of single use plastic, they further plan on serving tea, snacks and meals in kulhads and other earthenware plates at 400 major stations across the country to passengers. This is their first step  towards cleaner more nature friendly approach. 

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