Indore Doctors to offer services only to fully-vaccinated people from November 30

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To raise awareness about the Covid-19 vaccination, two doctors in the Indore district have decided that starting November 30, they would not provide services to patients who have not had both doses of the vaccine.

Drs. Ajay Chaglani and Pinki Bhatia have sent letters advising the District Collector and the Indian Medical Association (IMA) of the decision.

Former government employee, Dr Ajay Chaglani, who now operates a private clinic after retiring, has written a letter to the District Administration expressing his support for the massive vaccination campaign of the district. Therefore, his actions stem from a desire to raise awareness of the vaccination drive for people’s safety from the virus.

Dr Pinki Bhatia (Topiwala), owner of a physiotherapy clinic in Indore, told ANI that she has a team of 20-25 people, and 50 people come to her clinic every day. Thus, her staff regularly has to come in physical contact with their patients. For the safety of her employees and patients, she does not provide services to those who are not fully inoculated.

Aside from physicians, dairy organizations, hairdressers, restaurants, and bars also gathered in Indore to participate in the COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

The organizations have launched a unique campaign in Indore, under which clients will not be able to access services unless they show their vaccination certificate, which will begin on November 30.

In a press conference on the campaign, Indore District Magistrate (DM) Manish Singh stated that 9.49 lakh individuals had yet to take their second dose. As a result, they contacted other organizations, all of which agreed to maintain strictness. There is a deadline of November 30; after that, they will only provide services if they can show a COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

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