Instagram removes #Sikh amidst farmers protest

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The social media giant Facebook has come under strict scrutiny after it was found that its vertical Instagram had removed #sikh from the platform amidst the ongoing farmers’ protest in the country. Several users took to Twitter to speak out against the issue claiming the same to be a blot in the freedom of speech.

On Saturday, Twitter was flooded with posts on the blockage of the hashtag Sikh by Instagram. On typing the word Sikh, the social media app replied that with an error throughout the morning. The same comes at the backdrop of the ongoing farmer’s protests in the country, with the Sikh farmers on the forefront, wherein farmers from different states are coming together to protest against the recently implemented farm bills.

The uproar that was caused on Twitter led to the app showing selective posts for the same with a clarification “To make sure only the most relevant posts are shown, we’ve hidden some posts that may be private or low quality”

This incident has led to a lot of activists and even the general public questioning regarding the inclination of the social media giant towards the current government. Instagram is yet to reply to the allegations and has not released any statement over the same.

Image Source: NDTV

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